The 7th Plane


Lampryi are creatures of the shadow plane and thus take damage if exposed to sunlight. Lampryi cannot eat food, or drink any liquids except for blood, without getting sick. If they can not drink blood for a long duration of time, they begin to lose control to the beast. Likewise, if a Lampryi is over-indulgent with blood, or follows a path of violence and debauchery. * Lamptalk - A special channel which allows communication between Lampryi * House - Shows information on other members within the same house * Embrace - Allows you to gain blood by feeding on the willing or defenseless * Beast - This is the primal nature of the Lampryi slowly taking over * Powers - Lists all the commands (NOT powers) available to you For more information, type: 'help darkgifts', 'help info_lampryi', 'help house_rank', 'help progression_lampryi' and 'help tips_lampryi'.