The 7th Plane

King Crab




The King Crabs of Aladria have few, if any, natural predators, so they are able to thrive and grow to quite immense proportions. I have seen some grow to as large as a meter tall! They are capable of traveling on both land and in water, and their protective shells grow very thick, providing them with solid defenses that can withstand even the strongest of blows. However, the added weight of their shells make them very slow, and being such timid creatures by nature, they often resort to desperate measures to escape hostile attackers. The King Crabs seem to have an innate ability to find weak points in the anatomies of other creatures. Using their powerful pincers, they are capable of delivering devastating injuries by exploiting these weak points, then using their attacker's moment of weakness as an opportunity to flee from danger. I have often found that hunting a King Crab can be far more trouble than it is worth.