The 7th Plane





The Dralik were once pets of the Draconian people, fully domesticated, and thus mostly harmless. After the disappearance of the Draconians, the Dralik were left wandering the great Aladrian plains, with their masters no longer around to shield them from the dangers of the world. They have since fallen prey to the predatory Tserak creatures that roam the plains. If not for their amazing capacity to reproduce asexually, the Dralik would have become extinct long ago. There is little reason to fear these creatures, but do not leave yourself in a position to become incapacitated around one. Many of the Dralik have grown weary from a life of being hunted, and will instinctively lash out at any weakened and defenseless creature, often delivering lethal blows. On the other hand, they look affectionately toward any who rise as their defenders and will quickly become attached. If only there were a way to retame these creatures and sell them as pets, a fortune could surely be made.