The 7th Plane





The Dracyil are remnants of the draconic kind left behind after the disappearance of the Draconian race. Some scholars believe them to be an evolved subspecies of the Dralik, having grown wings to escape being prey for larger creatures. Other scholars place them more in line with the Draconian people themselves, having devolved, perhaps by magical intervention, or perhaps as punishment by the Creator. Regardless of what they may have once been, they are fearful creatures nonetheless. They endlessly circle the skies above the great Aladrian plains, ever vigilant in their patrols. Whatever man or creature foolish enough to take to the skies soon learns that the Dracyil do not suffer fools to trespass. I have seen these magnificent creatures, with their great talons, tear the wings from the backs of demon and bird alike, sending those unfortunate souls plummeting to their deaths. The Dracyil even seem to have developed the ability to nullify magical enchantments of flight, leaving the Magi at risk as well. Your only hope of navigating the skies controlled by these creatures is to incapacitate them quickly, or pray to the Creator that they do not detect your presence at all.