The 7th Plane

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The world of Tu'lar, once a land of continual light, is now but a ghost of its former self. Through cataclysmic events long forgotten, the lands have become a haven for darker creatures. The shadow's reach continues to spread further across this fractured world daily, and the waning light is all but gone. In the growing darkness, monsters of unnatural origin and horrifying strength, those thought to exist only in myth, prowl the nights, seeking to prey on those foolish enough to wander alone. Ultimately, it is the weak and the innocent who are made to suffer the most in days such as these, when heroes are few and far between. Hope, the greatest and most fragile of all virtues, faintly flickers like a dying ember in the wind. Though times may seem desperate, there are still some few alive today who can remember when all was not so. From remnants of legend, passed down through the generations, hope emerges for those who shall rise up in the final hour and restore light to a world consumed by darkness. It has happened before and it will happen again. The only questions that remain are who will choose to take the roles of saviours, and who will fall forever into the shadow's grasp?

- Turaylon, Overseer of the Alexandrian Library